How Goodness Pays
Aug 31, 2020 12:00 PM
Paul Batz
How Goodness Pays
In 2015, Paul Hillen and I set out to prove goodness pays financially in leadership. It’s a relevant topic because our research before 2015 showed that four out of five leaders believe goodness pays. And yet only two of five are happy with the consistency of their financial results. There’s a gap between those who believe and those who actually know how to make it pay. We wrote this book to help good leaders eliminate self defeating habits, and to adopt a common-sense approach – centered on goodness – to create better business results.
To define exactly what goodness means in leadership and business, and to demonstrate the correlation between goodness and profitability, we engaged research partner SMS Research Advisors. Over three years, we scanned volumes of academic, business, and popular literature on leadership, interviewed 15 highly acclaimed business leaders in small, medium, and large businesses across America, and completed a statistically-significant 900-person survey of leaders.