Program: Dr. Greg Young and Linda Robertson, “Clean Cooking Stove Project”
Dr. Greg Young, Terry Gilberstadt, Linda Robertson
Working with the Guatemalan East Rotary, the Hudson Daybreak Rotary is partnering to support a program that seeks to improve the health of indigenous Guatemalans, empower local women and to protect the environment by participating in the funding and construction of clean cooking stoves.
Cooking with improperly vented cooking stoves not only consumes a large amount of wood fuel, but the smoke can cause serious sight and respiratory illnesses, headaches and eye irritation.
The Chapina Bonita stove is a unique firewood stove that was designed by Carlos Gavles, a Guatemalan East Rotarian. All of the material used to construct the stoves is sourced locally and each stove can be built in about three hours at a comparatively low cost of US $70. Each family receiving a stove participates directly by contributing US $30 to the program.
These improved low maintenance stoves significantly reduce firewood consumption by about 75 percent. In addition, the families appreciate the convenience of cooking in an environment without smoke pollution.
To date the Rotary members have built more than 900 stoves. Members of both Hudson Daybreak and Guatemala East clubs expect the Chapina Bonita stove that this project funds to have a positive direct impact on the people in each selected village, and in time, a positive effect on all of Guatemala.