Alan Anderson on Rotary's Legacy and the Challenge of Climate Change


Join us next Monday, March 20th to hear how The science on climate change is settled, per Alan Anderson, Northfield Rotary club member and advocate for reducing carbon emissions.


“It’s us. It’s getting warmer, and it’s urgent,” he said.


That’s Alan’s shorthand for: Our dependence on fossil fuels is the cause of unprecedented global warming, and the situation is dire.


Left unchecked, global warming will melt land ice, resulting in rising sea levels, resulting in coastal flooding, resulting in displaced people and hundreds of thousands of refugees who will require humanitarian aid. Alan said it will threaten all of Rotary’s good work in the developing world.


For the sake of our children and grandchildren, Alan says we cannot run the risk of sitting on our hands. Addressing the climate science skeptics, he said: “Are we willing to run an uncontrolled, irreversible experiment?”


He says we are the ones who must initiate the change. He calls it a terrible “intergenerational injustice” if we fail to address this critical issue.


Things to do:

◦Make climate change a personal priority.

◦Insist our state and national representatives support efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

◦Vote only for those who understand the issue and have made a commitment to change.

◦Become educated based on science not those who benefit from the status quo.

◦Courteously challenge climate change skeptics with real science from

◦Encourage Rotary to get involved in climate change educations and national and worldwide initiatives that protect Rotary’s investment in the world.