Join us Monday, March 6, 2017, for our Speaker - Tim Grant
Understanding Why Happiness Matters
"Our personal happiness drives our success in business, family life, community life and love life.”  Tim Grant’s personal happiness has survived and now thrives despite growing up in an angry alcoholic family, achieving business success and surviving business failure, achieving community success, and finally creating a thriving environment along with his bride for their children.
Tim's "Personal Happiness is a Prerequisite for a Successful Life” presentation provides the audience with a concise learning curve to greater personal happiness, motivates them with the significant benefits of living happier and teaches them the five key action steps to build a happier life.  “A happier life is a successful life”. Tim draws from the leaders in positive psychology and turns PhD. research into you and me understanding.
Tim Grant is an entrepreneur and an intrepreneur.  Over his career he has built three businesses, two stand alone and one startup within an existing corporate structure. He was on the leadership team of CCRN, and volunteer lobbyist responsible for passing the Minnesota Personal Protection Act and is an 18 year member of the National Ski Patrol.  Tim resides in Edina, Minnesota with his bride Beth and children, Keenan and Kendahl.  He holds an MBA from St. Thomas University, a BA in Political Science and Economics from the University of Minnesota and has graduate credit in Theology from St. Paul Seminary.  Tim Grant is President of Merriness Inc.