Meeting video on YouTube:
Today’s speaker was our own member, Hyon Kim, who has written a book in Korean about the history of her life and the historical events leading up to the Korean War and a lot about the brutality of the war.  This achievement has been a labor of love, struggle, courage, forgiveness, and gratitude for Hyon.  Her nuclear family was ripped apart during the war.  She was basically given up by her family at 4 years old to be sent to the south to live with her aunt.  At 17 Hyon was again on her own and joined the military.  Her early years were spent in dire poverty as Korea was a very hard place for civilians.  Her harrowing statistics were that 4.8 million Koreans died, mostly civilians and 10 million families were separated, many however did re-unite after the war.  Hyon was a star of television news and magazine shows in Korea.  Her book tells a story that many modern Koreans do not know about their past.  Her charm and ability to articulate well the history involved and the tremendous story of the survival of the human spirit make her book a very interesting topic.  We are all looking forward to reading the book when it comes out in English. She also was a great ambassador for Minnesota.  Such a joy to hear her story and amazing how successful and accomplished she has been in business and civically.
Hyon, we salute you for all the work, research, and emotional fortitude this project took to produce. 
We ended the meeting with the 4-Way Test.