12:30PM Meeting was opened by Terry Gilberstadt, the Roseville Rotary Club President elect nominee (2018-19)
Invocation by Ed Studniski:  Shallow Readers beget shallow thinkers.  Then he encouraged us to read more to expand our horizons and be lifelong learners.
Ted Johnson Introduced visitors and guests
Renee Tyo from the Blaine/Ham Lake Rotary Club
“Facetiously:” From the Roseville Rotary Club
Angela Eifert Back from Uganda
Bob Rosene and his favorite driver and Middle Daughter, Barb Rosene ******
Sam Owori, Rotary International President Elect Nominee
Angela Eifert talked about the new Nakivale Rotary Club in Uganda.  This is whole-heartedly supported by ***** the leader of Uganda Rotary and Sam Owori the incoming president of Rotary International.
George Krinke announced Health Day.  Come early, (11:15) to get your blood drawn.
If you desire the fasting test, ingest water only from Sunday 10:00PM until after the blood is drawn.  Fasting test is $81.50 and non-fasting is $74.00.  Normal charges for this service is reported to be in excess of $400!
The speaker for the day will be Dr. Boley, a cardiologist, who is a member of Roseville Rotary!
The May 1st meeting will have as the speaker Neema Namadamu who was a polio victim and as of 2014 is listed as 1 of the top 14 Women’s Rights Advocates to watch.
We had several happy dollars contributed to Rotary +.
  Terry Gilberstadt, Noel Lutsey
Terry Gilberstadt introduced Noel Lutsey from the Rotary Club of New Richmond, WI as the speaker of the day who talked about his experience in Guatemala.
Wakami is a business model that empowers women.  Noel’s/Wakami’s goal is to get money into the hands of women.  With the income they become important in the community and have a voice in the community.  Men have most of the money and thus most of the power.  There is indeed resistance to the women getting money and power!  This too shall pass as it has in our society.
Wakami begins with a dream workshop.  Next the volunteers joined with the locals to clear the land and build the buildings needed to house their project.  They built a technology center and began by equipping it with with some donated, refurbished computers.  The buildings were built with bamboo to begin with and later they found kits to build the buildings.  The workers that came from the USA included friends and families of the Rotarians. 
Now women are working in their own businesses making merchandise and selling some of it locally and selling some of it using the internet.  As you would expect this internet connection has opened the whole world to their products.  Among the facilities, they created with the help of the locals, the nutrition programs to help keep them healthy the training in making marketable products and the use of technology to sell it they have created a business model that has helped women in this community to have their own finances and thus their independence to do the things they know needs to be done.
Thank you Noel for the way you have helped the world be a better place.