Brad Kircher called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. Gayland Bender greeted us as we arrived and led the flag pledge. Julie Wearn offered the invocation. Ted Johnson introduced visitors and guests, Jack Gibbons from Stillwater Sunrise and Lynne Megan’s husband, Kevin.
General club announcements and business
Roseville Rotary is sponsoring the Nakivale Roteract Club in Uganda’s Nakivale refugee settlement. This effort is a first for Rotary.  We are supporting work in a refugee settlement of more than 80,000 people, helping refugees survive conflict and crisis and rebuild lives of dignity.
It’s time for the Roseville Rotary Road Cleanup. It is a fun event and we need YOU to volunteer. We’ll gather at Grumpy’s parking lot at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday May 6, 2017. To join up, contact Greg Carlson, 651-485-3992,
Stamp out Hunger food collection drive is on May 13, 2017, volunteers needed. If you can help, please contact Kathy at the Rotary office.
Remember, the incoming Australia GSE Team arrives on the 7th of May.
On May 1 our speaker will be Neema Namadamu, a visionary game-changer. Come listen to her remarkable talk. The meeting will be open to Rotarians and guests in our District (registration is required for guests at this meeting). Contact Kathy or visit our website for more information.
Julie Wearn introduced today’s speaker, Joshua Campbell, a believer in the use of visual arts and music in commercial messaging.
Josh Campbell is the founder and owner of Brilliant Fête, a theatrical entertainment organization that provides listener and audience engagement for nonprofit and for-profit corporations that want to get their messages heard. Really heard.
Brilliant Fête works with its clients to help make their key message presentations more informative, interesting and memorable by employing visual, theater arts, dance and music. The use of art provides perspective and empathy to the message. It allows the viewer to step back and see things through fresh eyes.
Josh has worked in theater and entertainment in New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, and the Twin Cities. This experience has shown him that both people and companies connect through stories. Using this knowledge, Josh helps his clients infuse their messaging with art and performance to make their stories come alive.
Himself a performer, Josh has toured with national performance companies. In addition to his event work at Brilliant Fete, Josh works as a director and producer in the Minneapolis area on both regional and national plays, and musicals.