Called to order by Brad Kirscher at 12:30PM
Gayland Bender, the greeter, led the Pledge of allegiance
Ted Johnson:  provided us with the Invocation ending with a tempering prayer, breathing in the peace of our environment and exhaling all the stress of the day.
Joan Kallenberg introduced the visitors and guests
Chelsea Holub from TC Rotaract
Samantha Graf , who is a lawyer with Johnson Turner,  Visitor
Salvation Army is looking for volunteers to help with parking at the State Fair.
 Pam O'Meara, Brendan O'Meara, Brad Kirscher
Brendan O’Meara was inducted as a new member today!  Pam O’Meara is his sponsor.  Welcome to Roseville Rotary Brendan!
Chelsea, Secretary of TC Rotaract. Invited us to attend any of their meetings.
Happy Birthday was sung to Ted Johnson:  Let’s just say, “One of our senior members!”
 Angela Eifert, Jan Vanderwall, Brad Kirscher
Brad introduced Angela Eifert to continue on with her presentation on the challenge of Membership.
We had been assigned the task of completing interviews with regard to Rotary.
Jan Vanderwall:  Spoke of his conversations with potential new members
Lynne Megan interviewed Sam Graf as an example of what we are trying to do.
I’m sure Angela will be writing up a review of this process to help us with direction and principles involved in how we can most effectively encourage new members.
Next week we are at Grumpy’s.  The speaker will be John Suzukida, "America's Concentration Camps."