Posted on Aug 21, 2017
Prior to the official start of the meeting, Taste of Rosefest silent auction coordinator Luke Ferden auctioned off the remaining unclaimed items of this year’s auction.  Thanks to all who bid!
The meeting was officially called to order at 12:20 (10 minutes early) by President Julie Wearn.  The meeting was started early with a goal of ending at 1:05 so everyone could view the solar eclipse.  Greeter Jan Vanderwall led the flag pledge and four-way test.  Ted Johnson delivered the invocation and announced the club member Jim Foley is doing ok in intensive care after undergoing two brain surgeries.  Ted also mentioned the Nakivale Rotaract Club is starting a new project to fight malaria.
Joan Kallenberg introduced one guest – Mike Banner, a friend of Gayland Bender, and one visitor – Tad Lunden who is the husband of GSE team member Carly Lunden. 
Following introductions, Julie reminded everyone there is no noon meeting on August 28 as the State Fair meeting is that evening.  If you plan to attend and have not contacted Kathy, please do so.
Gayland Bender (Team Lead Alternate), Mario Hernandez, Jon Huffmaster, Linsey Day, Carly Lunden, President Julie Wearn
The presenters for the meeting were four members of the Northern Australia and Timor Leste GSE team – Carly Lunden, Lindsey Day, Jon Huffmaster and Mario Hernandez.  Carly was sponsored by the Roseville Rotary Club.  The GSE team initially traveled 42 hours to Darwin, Australia then visited various cities in Queensland, Australia and Timor Leste over a one month period.  The team members stayed with host families, spoke at local Rotary clubs, met with professionals in their field and visited landmarks among a host of other activities.  A couple of their favorite facts from the trip: 1) they were asked about Trump multiple times per day and 2) Australians abbreviate every work possible and have fun sayings.  Each team member discussed their takeaways and most memorable things from the trip.  Some of which included seeing Kangaroos on a golf course, shopping at a Target similar to stores in the U.S. other than the items on the shelf, learning about the Aboriginal culture, scuba diving, white water kayaking, flying in a hot air balloon, viewing 20,000 year old rock art, celebrating Anzac days, riding in a Russian WWII plane performing aerial acrobatics and learning about SOLS 24/7 in Timor Leste.  Jon explained Timor Leste has had independence for only 15 years and SOLS 24/7 is a great program to develop young adults into future leaders and entrepreneurs.  Overall it sounded like the GSE team had a wonderful trip!
Following the meeting, club members evacuated the Radisson to view the solar eclipse only to see a cloudy sky.  I guess we’ll have to wait until April 8, 2024.