The meeting was called to order by President Brad Kirscher on this the 22nd day of August, 2016.  
Gayland Bender, our Greeter, then led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance after which we recited the Four-Way Test. 
Dick Einan gave the invocation. 
Joan Kallenberg introduced visitors and guests.  Today we had one visiting Rotarian, Hugh Schilling.  We also had three guests:  Jenny Hedal, Stephen Johnson and Lonnie Brokke.  Welcome everyone.      
General club announcements and business followed:  
Brad called up Lonnie Brokke from the City of Roseville Parks & Recreation Department and presented him an Honorarium check in the amount of $1,200.00 on behalf of the club.  
Terry Carlson reminded everyone that October 3rd is Rotation day and that she is looking for volunteers to host.  If you are interested please see Terry,
Jason Raether reminded everyone that September 14th is the Little Brothers picnic and that he still needs volunteers to drive.  If you are interested please see Jason, 
With general club announcements completed President Kirscher called for a vote on an amendment to the club’s bylaws to permit an off-site, informal once / month meeting that could be used as a make-up for regular meetings.  These are commonly known as 5:01 meetings.  Terry Carlson made a motion for approval which Ted Johnson seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.   
With announcements completed our AG, Lynne Megan, introduced today’s speaker,   DG Jim Hunt
DG Hunt started off by presenting President Brad Kirscher with the Rotary Literacy Award
With the award presentation complete DG Hunt moved into the rest of his presentation.  He spoke about the five core values all Rotarians share:  Fellowship, Leadership, Integrity, Service and Diversity; which are traits that other non-Rotarians aspire to as well – and how we might attract those individuals as new members.   
He also spoke about his vision for the District for the upcoming year which involves clubs doing the following:
  1. Getting involved in hands-on projects, 
  2. Make sure we are creating the image we want to project,
  3. Increase membership,
  4. Increase giving to the foundation. 
DG Hunt reminded us of the importance of the Rotary Foundation and that this is the 100th year of its existence.  He also reminded us that 92% of whatever we give ends up going toward projects with half of those dollars coming back to our district. 
The roadmap, of sorts, to achieve those goals is fairly simple and consists of the following:
  1. Get involved in hands-on projects that have positive outcomes, both locally and abroad (Projects & Outcomes),
  2. Use those positive outcomes to generate the image we want (brag a little) (Public Image),
  3. Use that positive image to attract likeminded; non-Rotarians (“Rotarians at Heart”) to get involved (Membership).
  4. Once we’ve attracted those new people make sure to get them engaged with the Rotary Foundation (Foundation).
  5. Repeat Step 1.     
DG Hunt feels that if we spread our message, with both actions and words, we will attract new membership and continue to thrive. 
Following DG Hunt’s presentation we also engaged in a late round of Happy Dollars.  Of note is that Lori Pulkrabek’s organization CTV North Suburbs is having an open house on Saturday, September 10th from 12-4PM.  If you need more details, see Lori. 
With the presentation completed and no further business, the meeting was adjourned.