Rotary Notes 1/23/17
President Brad Kirscher called the meeting to order at 12:30.  The greeter, Mary Sommerfeld, led the flag pledge and four way test.  Ed Studinski provided the invocation about optimism then Joan Kallenberg introduced visitors and guests in attendance.  Visitors included John Risdall from the New Brighton/Mounds View club and Angela Eifert who is transferring her membership to Roseville from Prior Lake.  Guests included Mark Zastrow (Terry Gilberstadt) and Roger Coombs who Ted Johnson met at Seth Eggessa’s funeral and heard many good things about Rotary.  Also in attendance was the Rotary Youth Exchange student from Belguim, Daphine Dormans.
Following introductions club members participated in Happy Dollars to raise money for Polio Plus.
The presentation for the meeting was the AVID program from the Roseville Area Schools, which is supported by our club.  Jan Vanderwall introduced the following educators who were in attendance:
  • Dr. Juanita Hoskins, AVID Director
  • Dr. Jenny Loeck, Roseville Area High School Principal
  • Dr. Tyrone Brookins, Roseville Area Middle School Principal
  • Laura Freer, Fairview Alternative High School AVID Coordinator
  • Anne Barnes, Roseville Area High School AVID Coordinator
  • Tana Bogenholm, Roseville Area Middle School AVID Coordinator
The AVID Coordinators explained what the program is and how it works, then introduced ten students (grades 7-12) who are in the program.  The students each discussed how the program has helped them as a person and academically.
The AVID program was started in 2008 with the mission of closing the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.  AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.  The AVID program aims to help students boost their grades and prepare for college.  AVID acts as an elective class where students learn organization get help with rigorous classes and learn more about college.  AVID students are more likely than non-AVID students to take college credit bearing classes, complete their college eligibility requirements, get into 4-year colleges and maintain the higher-level skills needed for college success. 
To qualify for AVID, students must meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • First generation to attend college
  • Belongs to an ethnic group historically underserved in 4-year colleges
  • Qualifies for free or reduced lunch
  • Other special circumstances
The AVID students work with tutors, mentors and peers to practice organization, learn study strategies, participate in small learning groups, hear from inspiring speakers and visit colleges to learn about opportunities and what goes into applying for college.  The AVID students in attendance gave high praise to the program and explained how it has helped them with career exploration and college readiness, finding their passion, organizational skills, note taking, communication, time management, public speaking, creative thinking and problem solving, leadership, motivation and confidence. 
Clearly the AVID program has been a success and that is reflected in the enrollment numbers.  There are currently 8 classes at Roseville Area High School, 4 classes at Roseville Area Middle School and 1 class at Fairview Alternative High School.  Due to funding restrictions, they can only accept 50 students per grade and there is a long waiting list to get in.  Prior to this school year, there were 200 6th graders that applied.