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Julie Wearn gave the invocation about volunteers and the fact that they give time today to make life better for other people tomorrow.
It was announced that one of our longtime members and probably the best networker that I have ever met has passed away, Don Craighead ( Obituary). His enthusiastic attitude and his contacts with almost anyone you would want to reach will certainly be missed. 
Jenny Hedal announced that we would have two speakers today who are members of our club and they will each be giving us some background information about themselves.
The first speaker was Tom Yuzer.  Tom let us know that he was born and raised in Southwest Minnesota on a farmstead.  He went to school there and graduated with 29 other seniors. Not being an athlete he became a student manager for many of the sports teams. He was also active in the band and drama clubs while in high school. From there he went to college in Mankato to get a major in math and finding his place working with the newspaper as A journalist. From there he moved to the University Of Minnesota at Morris as a public information officer. From there he moved to Fergus Falls as a sports editor at the Fergus Falls journal and also wrote an outdoor column.  Tom also worked with the fish and wildlife banding birds. Eventually he went to Decorah Iowa to work with Luther College and eventually back to Minnesota working for the University Of Minnesota at Waseca. He retired in 2001 from the University of Minnesota and move to California.
In 1974 he joined rotary and in 1976 lead a GSE team to India. He has also worked and received global grants and hosted use exchange students and other traveling Rotarians.  This is a very condensed version of Tom’s life with rotary, however, he went into much more detail about his deep dive into many Rotary activities during his life.
The second speaker for the day was Ted Johnson. Ted was born at the midway hospital in Saint Paul and his dad work for the YMCA. When he was a young kid his dad moved to Winona Minnesota as the director of the YMCA there. When living in Weenonah debt became involved with the junior Rotarians. During World War II he was actually watching for enemy aircraft over Winona at night. 
After graduating from high school in Winona he ended up going to the University Of Minnesota in the Twin Cities to become an electrical engineer and also joined our OTC. He gave up the electrical engineer idea and then moved into political science. He claims that he and his wife have been married for 115 years,  that means they have each been married for 57 1/2 years to each other and when you add them together…. Ted then moved into international studies and his wife got a degree in Home Ec. Ted needed a foreign language in order to graduate and the first foreign language door he found open offered Chinese so he took it for two years and eventually ended up with a minor in Chinese.
From there he became a second lieutenant in the army and Eventually moved to Waconia and worked for the University Of Minnesota records at the hospital. After graduation and going on active duty in the army he was assigned to Fort Benning intelligence in Georgia and Fort Holabird in Maryland and then served the balance of his time in the US Army reserve.
After getting out of the military he was thinking about going back to law school but instead decided to become a librarian and also in his spare time became a Le minister which he has done from 1959 up through 2018. For a period of time he worked as a taxi driver and then got a masters degree in library science.
Ted has worked as a librarian for the NSA, CIA, Columbia University, and Hamline University. He has applied for and received research grants from the national science foundation worked on a microfiche project when that was the N Way for storing records and eventually applied for a professor ship at Oberlin College and got it. After a time at Overlin he applied for a six month sabbatical and spent that time in Sweden.  During his sabbatical in Sweden he did some research and interviews and eventually learned Swedish well enough that he could actually conduct the interviews in Swedish.  
His final assignment was to Emory University in Atlanta as the director of the library for the University and simultaneously the director of a public library which facilitated them getting a Grant to help support the library‘s budget.
Ted retired after this project at Emory University and has since focus just time and energy as a volunteer.  He has worked extensively with group study exchanges teacher exchanges student exchanges on an international basis and helped set up the first Rotaract club ever to be started in a refugee camp.   
Ted has been active in several courses, in the YMCA, at the English as a second language program at the Wellstone school and also at the Swedish Institute. He has belong to rotary for the past 46 years and has many years of perfect attendance. Being only in his 80s, he list of his plans for the future and there were a plethora of them for him to work on going forward.
We are certainly grateful for him joining our club in 2011 when he returned to the Twin Cities.
Thank you Tom and Ted for sharing a bit about yourselves!