Minutes for Roseville Rotary, July 11, 2016 by J. M. Foley
This meeting began the new Rotary year 2016/2017.  Julie Wearn greeted us and Gayland Bender entertained us with photos of the "Faces of Rosefest" (click here for photo link) as we ate a tasty Asian lunch. 
Our new president, Brad Kirscher, asked our past president, Terry Carlson, to hand over the gavel so he could ring the bell.  Terry happily handed the gavel to Brad but only after she presented an armful of flowers to Kathy Hughitt as a thanks for her help over the last year.
Brad then rang the bell to start the meeting.  Julie led the Flag Pledge and Brad helped us recite the four-way-test with the reminder that this was our guide.  Julie gave the invocation sighting the happenings of the last few day and asked for God's help in healing and developing action(s) to make violence subside.  Jeff Norton introduced two guests, Brendan O'Meara son of Pam O'Meara and Jenna Falkenstein daughter of Terry Carlson.
At this time in the meeting our new president usually gave a polished presentation of club goals for the coming year that restated the RI goals to fit our club.  Brad did not do this.  Instead, he pointed out that two of the RI goals, increasing membership and support of the Rotary Foundation directly, fit our Rotary club.  But we need to define projects that help our local, national, and global communities become a better place to live.  To do this an "idea" workshop will be held at next Monday's meeting.
Ed Studniski recognized Loren Swanson with his fifth Paul Harris Fellow award.
Ted Johnson reported on the many successes of the education team trip to Sri Lanka.  The most immediate result is a Friendship Exchange; the incoming group will be here this Fall and outgoing trip will be February 3 - 13, 2017. (Click here for more informaiton)
Janice Barker, Al Zdrazil, President Brad Kirscher
Al Zdrazil, retired prosecutor for the Ramsey County Attorney Office, and Janice Barker, active prosecutor for Ramsey County, presented the family abuse situation.  It is wide-spread and complicated.
Abuse exists across all social and economic sectors.  Statistical studies show that one of four women are abused and many men are abused but statistics are not available.  It is a situation of power and control.  Al said abuse occurs in many forms: physical abuse is the easiest to recognize and prove since it leaves bruises and wounds.  Verbal, financial, isolation, and other forms of abuse are not as apparent and abuse victims do their best to hide their situation.  If they are working, they do not want to lose their job.
Recognition of abuse in business and social situations is difficult because the victim hides the situation.  And, intervention is even harder.  There are numerous public and private support programs available.  The best form of intervention is identification of these support options and aiding the suspected victim by allowing time off and/or helping them to make appointments or contacts.  The professionals can deal with the problems.
Al is past president of the Saint Paul Rotary Club.  He recruited Janice, his past co-worker at Ramsey County, to join him in this education program that has its roots in Rotary and hopes to enlist Rotary Clubs to help spread the education.
Click Here for more information - District 5960 website.