President Brad Kirscher called the meeting to order at 12:30.  The greeter, Mary Sommerfeld, led the flag pledge and four way test.  Ed Studniski provided the invocation by reading quotes from the book “How Successful People Think.”  It was an inspiring message centered on how successful people are usually big picture thinkers because they learn continually, are never satisfied with what they know, listen intently and realize that the world is bigger than their own.
   Clare Baierl (RYE Spain), Brad Kirscher
Colleen Reistad introduced visitors and guests.  There were no visiting Rotarians in attendance.  Guests included Pam O’Meara’s son, Brendan O’Meara, Rotary Youth Exchange student Clare Baierl and Clare’s father Don, mother Sharon and sister Daisy.  Clare was presented a check for $500 from the Club to defray some of the costs for her upcoming trip to Spain.  Clare thanked the Club and said she is really looking forward to her trip where she will be staying eight hours south of Barcelona. 
  Brad Kirscher, Angela Eifert
This week’s program was the New Year Rotary Workshop presented by Angela Eifert who is the District 5960 trainer and a member of the Prior Lake Rotary Club.  The purpose of the workshop is to plan for the upcoming year using the Human Centered Design (HCD) concept.  HCD solves problems that begin with gaining deep empathy for the customer’s needs, hopes and aspirations for the future.  HDC helps understand not only the people and their needs but also the broader context that inspires their daily lives.  Over the next three weeks we will complete the first two phases of the HCD process – Empathy and Define. 
We are being challenged by Rotary International to increase membership by thinking creatively about the value we bring to members and the community.  Our challenge question is, “How might we offer high-value membership to busy professionals?”
After Angela’s presentation, members practiced the empathy interview process by interviewing each other and then synthesizing the feedback into what we learned and what it might mean about that person.  After the empathy interviews, members were asked to interview at least three people from a different area of their network over the next two weeks and bring feedback for the follow up workshop on August 1.  The primary purpose of the interviews is to find out what people are engaged in and why.  Rules to unlock creativity include deferring judgment, encouraging wild ideas, building on ideas of others and staying on topic.
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