Posted by Loren Swanson on Jul 24, 2017
12:25PM  President Julie Wearn Opened the meeting
Ted Johnson served as the Greeter and led the Pledge of Allegiance
Hyon Kim offered the invocation
Luke Ferden:  introduced Visitors and Guests 
Visiting Rotarian John Risdall, Prospective new members, Lia Dunnigan, Zach Deo, Sara Hirsch, Carrie Sundberg, George Krienke’s guest Linda StasselHyon Kim’s guest Lynn Scott
Julie Wearn, Ted Johnson
Ted Johnson received a special Pin for 40 years of Perfect Attendance with Rotary!
Ted also Announced he was recruiting people to help with the “Y” garden.
Ted also talked of Sam Owori’s passing and the ceremonies that are in progress.
Brad:  Wed Night is the TC Rotaract social event at 5:30PM at the Summit Brewery.  Sign up online or call Kathy.
State Fair Meeting is coming up, sign up
September 18th is the Roseville Rotary Club at the State Capital
Marc Culver, Kari Collins, Julie Wearn
Kari Collins is the Community Development Director for the City Of Roseville.  She is putting together a Comprehensive Plan for the next 20 years. It’s title is “2040 Comprehensive Plan Update”.  Elements being considered are:
  • Visions and Goals
  • Community Context
  • Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Housing and Neighborhoods
  • Resilience
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Protection
  • Parks, Open Space and Recreating Utilities
  • Implementation
Roseville expects Growth of 840 people between now and 2040.
The growth in the numbers of families will exceed the growth the number of people!  This will be because of the smaller family size we are experiencing.
Marc Culver:  Public Works Director
The big question is how to use transportation system to support the balance of the plan.  What needs to be revamped, added to, anticipating traffic problems and connecting to other systems in the municipalities surrounding Roseville.
Kari and the Planners have utilized various methods of contacting and conversing with community members to get their input.  Methods include Meetings, On line input, group presentations etc.
The plan will be submitted to adjoining communities and let them have it for 6 months.  Then it will be submitted to the Met Council by December 31, 2018.
Marc says that they are working on compliance to the ADA code in all new projects and they are also inspecting existing plants for their compliance.
Don Salverda asked about the changes that came along with the new department heads.  The basic answer was that the goals and objectives of the departments have defined the department changes.  Some people have turned over, some new software has been implemented and they have flexibility to adapt as situations determine.
Kari is the go to person for questions about economic development.
Roseville borders 11 different municipalities in the TC.  Pat Trudgeon challenged us to name them all.   Can you?
Planning includes, plug-ins for electric cars, driverless cars.  The answer that will determine much of the transportation of the future is the price of fuel in 2040 and they failed to tell us what gasoline would cost then!