Meeting called to order by President Terry Carlson at 12:30PM
Pledge of Allegiance led by Dick Einan
Invocation by Ed Studniski:  The importance of Love in all the projects we do.
Intro of visitors and Guests:  Jason Raether
PDG Gary Campbell
Isabella Kirscher
Jason encouraged us to being the money or wine for the Wall of Wine for the TOR
Jim Hunt incoming Governor invites you to his inauguration on Tuesday, June 21st, Click Here for more information .
PDG Gary Campbell will be replacing PDG Craig Leiser as the Chair of the District Foundation.  He also invited us to the Anoka Club’s Briefing on Syria and the Global Refugee Crisis on June 30th at 7:30 AM.  It is at Greenhaven Golf Course, 2800Greenhaven Road, Anoka, MN  55303.
Kathy invited us to volunteer for the TOR.  We still have some blanks in the Table of Volunteers, Cleanup Crew, and Gate Montiors!
If you have a truck or SUV and can help move items to the Park, please contact Colleen Reistad,
Don Craighead brought us greetings from Seth Eggessa and invited us to think about and/or visit Jerry Showalter, Bob Rosene and Donavan Fischer.
Terry announced that our club went to Bridging and built 6 dressers.  (They read the instructions)
Terry Carlson, Dr. Joe Gaugler
Brad Kirscher introduced the speaker for the day, Dr. Joe Gaugler.
Speaking about dealing with Family Members and Loved ones with Memory Loss.  Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the USA.  About 5 Million in the USA have Alzheimer’s disease and/or related dementia.  Minnesota Care cost for caring for Alzheimer’s patients is large enough to be a fortune 500 company.
What is the cost for unemployment?  What is the cost for lost productivity?  Many family caregivers are balancing work and care for the patients.  2/3 of family care givers are women.  There is a shortage of health care workers in the USA.  Many immigrants are employed in this profession.  Costs for Alzheimer’s patients are about 3X greater than for other age related maladies.
Board Certified Geriatricians are about the same as in 1985!  About 1/12,000 patients!  Most of the drugs on the market today are good for about 3 years and are effective on about 50% of the people.  There are conflicting reasons for doing early diagnosis, administering drugs, justifying fee for service fees, meeting the limited clinic schedules of the various insurance companies.  offers a program online that is a free service to help you better understand Alzheimer’s/memory loss problems.  “Family Care Needs Assistance” Thank you Bob Burmeister for your helping us walk through this process! is another way to get there.
Dr. Joe’s contact information if you have further questions for him.


Ted and the Teacher Exchange Program left for Sri Lanka this Thursday!
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