Incoming President Brad Kirscher gave us a PowerPoint of the Rotary International Convention in Seoul, Korea, at the end of May.  It was a most interesting conference and Brad is truly grateful for the opportunity to attend the conference and looking forward to a great Rotary year.  His great take away from the President of Sri Lanka is “Any community with a Rotary Club is a better community”.  Great words for Rotarians coming from a very eloquent world leader.
DG Marlene Gargulak recognized Gayland  with a gift and hug for his support and photography work at the District Conference. Click Here to view photos of the 2016 Joint District Conference.
We had quite a talk today about the grizzly and horrible double murders committed  Byron Smith of Little Falls, MN.  Peter Orput, a prosecutor for over 30 years and currently Washington County Attorney gave the background story to the events that led up to the killing including the crime scene photos afterwards and the inside  story of the case that garnered a lot of press and a lot of emotional feelings in the state.  Was it self defense, as many thought,  or a heinous pre-meditated murder by a deranged man?
Mr. Orput  stepped us through the evidence as he had presented it to  the Jury.   After looking at all the pieces the jury  unanimously gave Mr. Smith murder in the first degree for both killings.
It was a “you had to be there” event and Mr. Orput’s excellent journalistic skills and recreation of the story made it a spell binding and chilling thriller.  This story would make a good book and movie and Mr. Orput’s adept narration of the story kept us on the edge of our seats!
It was a fun Murder Mystery and Crime Scene tell all from the inside story of the very public case that polarized the community.
Thank you Peter Orput and your tell it like it is style.  A very provocative way to start out the week.