President-Elect Julie Wearn called the meeting to order at 12:30 PM.


Greeter and Pledge leader was: Lynne Megan


Guest of the day was introduced by: Jenny Hedal


Hyon Kim gave us the invocation.


Jim Ostlund:   Curling is scheduled for March 25th at 4:30 at Frogtown Curling Club


Ted:  YMCA Rotary Gardens planting and adding dirt is coming.  He will be seeking volunteers in the near future.  Salsa Party in the future?


Deb Nygaard Gave us a briefing on our speaker for next week and encouraged us to come hear from the Pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in the Metro area.  The topic is Engaging younger generations through Community Empowerment.


Inbound GSE team coming May 7th.  There are 6 members and we will need places for them to stay and people to help with their mobility and programming while they are here. Volunteers are needed, please contact Melanie Mogg, .



            Julie Wearn, Tim Grant



Julie Wearn introduced our speaker for the day:  Tim Grant.


Happiness is the topic for the day.  Tim grew up in an environment where he walked on egg shells and dodged slaps upside the head and decided through therapy that he would walk the path of happiness.


When babies are born parents want them to be happy and healthy.  Happy/positive people are healthier people.  They will also live 7 – 8 years longer.  Intelligence, creativity and energy all rise in happy people.  They also get paid more and promoted faster.  Happiness is one of the last things left to parents to teach.


THINGS TO DO:  G,R,A,C,E;  Gratitude, Relationships, Activity and Acts of Kindness,  Competencies,  Eyes.


THINGS TO STOP DOING:  Complaining and worrying about things you can’t change, Comparing,  (we all have a negativity bias), Projecting negative outcomes.


Tim’s version of the serenity prayer is:

God grant me the vision to enjoy life fully

The courage to live gratefully

And the confidence to bring joy into the lives of others.


Your brain chemistry will improve by just laughing for a minute or by taking a few deep breaths.


Thank you Tim for your contribution to our club!


Respectfully submitted,


Loren Swanson