Minutes for Roseville Rotary March 13, 2017
Monday, March 13, looked like winter with a new layer of snow on the ground but the warm Rotary welcome felt like spring.  Our President-elect Julie Wearn presided over the meeting, President Brad is living the good life on Spring Break.
Ed Studniski gave the invocation praying that the "world develops as a better place".  Don Craighead introduced three guests, there were no visiting Rotarians.
  • George Krinke pointed that April 17 would be "Health Day".  Blood testing will be provided before the meeting, guests are welcome.
  • Melanie Mogg reminded us that a GSE team from Australia here in June.  She needs host homes and tour leaders to support these visiting Rotarians.
  • Jan Vanderwall announced that the Roseville Schools are alive and well and handed out the winter 2017 issue of 623 Today as support for his announcement.
  • Next week the speaker will be Alan Anderson from the Northfield Rotary Club speaking about Climate Change and its effect on future Rotary objectives.

          Julie Wearn, Pastor Jeff Zaugg
The speaker, Pastor Jeff Zaugg of the Substance Church, gave a presentation entitled "Engaging Younger Generations through Community Empowerment".
The Substance Church is a Christian organization started in 2004 by Pastors Peter and Carolyn Hass.  The Church holds services at and various temporary locations in the Minneapolis/At. Paul area, they had offices in Roseville until one year ago when the moved to its own Northtown Campus in Spring Lake Park. Today they count their membership at about 3,200 and growing.  70% are under age 30.
Substance Church stresses two missions 'Community' and 'Empowerment'.  Pastor Zaugg said ...' on the surface we look like a typical church that preaches the bible, but at Substance we're not afraid to do things differently."  "Church does not start until the service is over".  This means that after the classic type of service including singing, preaching, etc., the congregation is asked to move to a social environment and form Subgroup(s) ("Sub-" is a play on the Substance name) of five to twenty people to plan activities in the community.  The activities may be service such as working at Feed-My-Starving-Children, tutoring, etc. or they may be social such as golfing, skating, etc. But, doing something for the community is always stressed.
WRITERS NOTE:  I have lobbied for a coordinated mix of religion oriented
presentations at Roseville Rotary meetings.   This idea was first introduced to me
by our member, the late Reverend Dick Gregory a retired Baptist missionary.  The Roseville area has 23+ churches and groups with a wide distribution of denomination, tradition, and mission.  They all need community understanding and support.