Roseville Rotarians gathered for our regular Monday meeting. Past President Jan Vanderwall  called the meeting to order.     Jenny Hedal reminded us in her Invocation to open our hears and give back to the community.  Quite a nice message for our meeting meditation.    Visitors and guests were introduced by Luke Ferden.  
Special Announcements
  • Curling event this Saturday at 5:30 at the Frogtown Arena – previously known as the “Biff Arena” – registration still open contact Jim Ostlund
  • Sign up for the District Convention – there will be lots of fun and interesting people and speakers.  Click Here for more information
  • Come hear the District Governor next week talk on Fast for Hope project
  • Happy Dollars abounded!!
           Jan Vanderwall , Alan Anderson
This week we welcomed Northfield Rotarian, Alan Anderson to inform us about the compelling urgency of Climate Change and what we as Rotarians and Citizens can do about the very serious issue.  Alan first got inspired on the issue of climate change by taking a course on it.  He attended the Nobel conference on oceans in 2012  at Gustavus  College in St. Peter and became inspired by the world thought on the subject.  This struck a nerve in him that so much of Rotary’s wonderful plans and all of our future hopes for our kids and grandkids could be ruined by a significant irreversible climate change.  With life in chaos the world’s population would never know the everyday pleasures and quality of life we have all enjoyed.  Health, living spaces, food  and government stability would be all interrupted.  Just a small amount of average change can have devastating effects on the globe with melting seas and atmospheric weather pattern changes.  This is really a scientific issue and not a political one.
What can we do?  Write or call state representative to support legislation to reduce CO2 admissions.  There are organizations such as
 And there is a Northfield chapter –
Thank you Dr. Anderson for informing us about the very important issue.  I have noticed recently there is a lot more press about the issue and there are many local groups concerned – now we have to transform the concern into action – but don’t we Rotarians know how to do that??