Roseville Rotary
Club News for Monday, May 2, 2016
Roseville Rotarians gathered for our regular Monday meeting and were greeted by a smiling Gayland Bender who also lead us in the flag pledge.  President Terry Carlson called the meeting to order.     Jason Mraz AKA Jeff Norton serenaded us with a great unplugged tune – it was better than The Coffee House on XM Radio!  Quite a nice way to have our meeting meditation.    Visitors and guests were introduced by Luke Ferden.  
Special Announcements
Thanks again to Ted Johnson as we said good by to the REEP Rotarian leader, Gihan.  Our group will be going over to Sri Lanka on June 15, for 2 weeks.
Sign up for the District Convention (LAST DAY TO REGISTER MAY 6)– there will be lots of fun and interesting people and speakers. 
Snelling Clean Up – Saturday, May 21, at 9:00 AM – Meet at Grumpy’ s.
Happy Dollars abounded!!

         John Noltner, Jeff Norton, PEN
This week we welcomed John Noltner, photographer and author.  He told us about his beautiful journey about collecting stories of Peace and photographing the individuals.  He became interested in the topic of peace since we all want it at every level and it is very hard to achieve.  He took stories of Minnesotans and turned it into a book, A Peace of My Mind – Minnesota Stories.  In this book he explored the meaning of peace by listening to one story at a time.  His “real” career has been in freelance journalism photography for many national publications such as National Geographic.  Is he dedicated to his idea?  Yes, he surely is, making big lifestyle changes for he and his family to be able to pursue the travel and gathering of stories.  He states that some jobs feed the belly and some feed the soul – this one is certainly on the “soul” side.  His feelings of outrage with the polarization and division in life lead him to start thinking about peace as a common concept.  He interviewed a very diverse group of folks and tried to hear from many different communities ethnically, religiously and economically.  We all agree we want peace but we don’t really live it.  He is no expert but hearing the stories melted away his bias.  He was awarded a MN State Arts Board grant and also did a Kick Starter fund raiser to get the book published. 
What is next?  John is currently doing a version of his book using stories from the whole country.  Such a fascinating topic and one very timely in our fractured and polarized world.
Thank you, John for an interesting talk and for the several good questions posed by our Rotarians.