The meeting was called to order by Brad Kirscher at 12:30PM.
The Greeter was Pat Trudgeon and he also led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Ed Studniski gave the invocation about Purpose
Luke Ferden introduced visitors and Guests
            Deb Nygaard brought 2 guests Deb Bland and Jay Benedict
            Don Craighead brought a friend from the Salvation Army, Liz Gerads
            Gary Campbell, a PDG from Anoka Rotary also attended our meeting
Julie Wearn announced the Leadership Award Banquet of the Gavel Club.  (Registration link, ) Don Craighead and Lynne Megan have both been nominated for this award.  Congratulations! to both of you!
Terry Carlson announced her retirement party which will be at the Radisson on Thursday June 1st from 3:30PM to 6PM.  R.S.V.P to Cathy Nielsen,  by May 18th to attend. We are all invited…YEA.
The Boy Scouts will be having an open house at their facility near Fort Snelling on Wednesday, May 16th from 11:15 to Noon to celebrate their new addition.  It is a very nice facility they have and are adding to it.  They have not only Boy Scout events there but also Corporate meetings, weddings, bar mitzvahs’ , bat mitzvahs’ school groups, leadership gatherings etc.
Jerry Hromatka announced that we now have a new partner in the Taste of Rosefest, MGM Liquor Warehouse.  Good work Jerry and Crew!  Don’t forget to sign up for your work duty for the Taste.  We need “all on board.”
Ashley Tripp , Brad Kirscher
Julie Wearn introduced the speaker for the day, Ashley Tripp. 
Ashley has a Masters degree in Social Work and works with Tasks Unlimited.  Tasks is an organization working with people with some form of Mental Illness helping them to achieve a life with the full rights and responsibilities of adults in our society.  To do this they work with an array of programs to include:  Housing in Lodge models so they have others people to live with and relate to, mental health services, supporting employment.
They employ mental health professionals that help their patients deal with things like homelessness, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and borderline personality.  With their wide range of services, their patients spend an average of 9 days out of 100 hospitalized where the average hospitalization time for those outside of this program is 73 days per 100 hospitalized!  Maybe this type of organization should be part of our health care system?
In offering their long term support, because mental health does not go away, the employees they put in the workforce spend an average of 10 years on a job where comparable others average less than a year on the job!
How does the government fit into this?  Not much!  Basically they have employees who specialize in Benefit Management, helping their patients pick up what they can from other government programs.  To give us an idea of the scope of this problem, there are about 93,000 people in MN with some form of severe mental illness.  Of those about 300 are working with Tasks Unlimited.
Thank you Ashley, for a densely packed, high speed presentation that forced me to pay total attention to the talk so I would not miss anything that was said!
Respectfully Submitted,
Loren Swanson