Roseville Rotary meeting November 2, 2015
Opened by Brad Kirscher at 12:30. 
Flag pledge led by Jan Vanderwall the greeter
Jeff Norton Gave the invocation:  Hey Jude……Complete with guitar accompaniment
Intro of visitors and Guests
Brenda Teats, MN Zoo and Steve Baker, St. Paul Sunrise, Gordon Park High School Benefit.  Nov 10th from 5 to 7 PM.
UCM Foundation, “Change Hearts” “Change Minds” “Change Lives”  Gala Event to raise money for schools in Africa ,Nov 21 at the Anderson Center on the Hamline University Campus, .
Rotary Foundation Celebration at Holiday Inn East, Saturday,  Nov 7th.  Sign up to sit at the Roseville Rotary Table.
Thank you from Roseville Parks for helping with the fall cleanup.
Happy Dollars…Many happy Rotarians
(PE Brad Kirscher, Beth Burns)
Beth Burns from the Minnesota Zoo was the speaker for the day.  Her important points about the MN Zoo were: 
  • It is the live interaction with the animals that makes time at the Zoo so special…..Just the same as Hey Jude in song is more meaningful that just reading the words.
  • The mission statement is, “We are here to help preserve wildlife.”
  • 5 blind Monk seals are now living in what was the dolphin exhibit.
  • 1.2 million visitors to the zoo every year
  • 4700+ animals
  • 1100 Volunteers
  • 122 Buildings
  • 62 Fleet Vehicles
  • 485 Acres of land to work with
  • Full time staff person living in Namibia to help preserve black rhinos.
  • Moose research in Northern MN is being done by the Zoo personnel.
  • Brown Skipper and Dakota Skipperling butterflies are being managed in small populations. 
  • They are telling the story of animals to Minnesotans
  • Friend the Minnesota Zoo on Facebook
  • 30% of funds come from the State of MN, the balance from admission and donations
  • Region’s #1 environmental education provider
  • A public-private partnership
  • Support animals by buying sustainable products:  e.g. products from General Mills, Cargill, Hershey etc.
  • African Savannah at the Zoo is in development.  They bring in only animals that they can take good care of and support properly.
  • AZA Association of Zoos and Aquariums  Accrediting organization to preserve animal and genetic integrity.  Both Como and the Minnesota Zoo are accredited.  Members of this organization work together collaboratively for the betterment of the animals.
  • World Association of Zoos and Aquariums  The international component of the AZA.
  • MN Zoo has been working on the reintroduction of Bison to MN
  • MN Zoo has resources to help with the pollinator program.
At 1:30 the meeting was adjourned
Respectfully submitted,
Loren Swanson