The meeting was called to order at 12:30 pm by President Terry Carlson
We all greeted each other at our respective tables.  This was one of the meetings at which Marv Sorvala arranged for an orientation so Greg Carlson, Kim Vanderwall, Jason Raether and Hyon Kim got a quick update on the Club Service and Community Service committees of our club.
Ed Studniski offered the invocation in a Thanksgiving theme.
Luke Ferden introduced visitors and guests:
John Risdall, New Brighton/Mounds View Rotary, who had earlier been a member of Roseville Rotary for 10 years was present. 
Al Gerdin introduced his daughter Marcia Gerdin
Our speaker introduced his wife Taylor Westerberg and
Sean Goerss, a guest, joined us at the orientation table and learned a bit about the club workings as well.
Jeff Norton told us about his enlightening experience speaking to the  Roseville Students of AVID and encouraged more of us to sign up to do that.  He was particularly impressed with the questions asked by the students!
Al Gerdin did his classification talk which just happened to coincide with his award for 40 years of perfect attendance while with the Roseville Club!  In addition to that he told us that he has visited about 72 other Rotary Clubs over the years.  I suspect that is another record, but we don’t keep statistics on that one!  Al went on to tell us of growing up on a farm in Braham, MN.  Money was tight and the only running water was in the creek.  He had to go outside for water and to use the outhouse, but it was a good life.  He took two years off of school to help on the farm and then graduated two years late because of that interruption in his schedule.  Eventually he got married and migrated to the U of Minnesota and got a BS in Ag Education and went to work selling ag supplies for lawns and golf courses.  Next he got a masters degree and taught at the U of MN in Crookston, Likely the Ag School in those days.  After a few years of that he went to work with RL Gould for the next 38 years, again selling turf products to parks and golf courses. 
Through much of this time he was a Rotarian and got involved in the Youth Exchange program.  We can learn a good lesson here from Al that Rotarians who get involved with something they love stay active for the long term!  He has been active in the Youth Exchange program on a club and district level for many years.  Currently he drives about 35 miles round trip from Plymouth because he likes the Roseville Club.  From the Standing ovation he got at the end of his classification talk it was obvious that the Roseville Club likes Al as well.  Thank you for all your service over the years.
          Terry Carlson, Chia Tasah
Brad Kirscher introduced the speaker for the day , Chia Tasah.  He wrote a book, The Life of an African Peace Corps Child ,The Life and Experiences of a Peace Corps Child of Kom, Cameroon Africa.  He gave us a good lesson in three things:
  1. The value of networking.  He networked with the Peace Corps workers in Cameroon and listened to their advice.  When he eventually migrated to the USA he found them again and was again helped by their wisdom.  He was also encouraged by Christine Swanson in his process.
  2. That we all need to learn about systems.  Chia had to learn about the systems of education, grants, loans, housing etc that exist in the USA.  That is not an easy task from one dropped into our culture from Cameroon!
  3. Keep moving forward.  Run if you can, if not walk, if you can’t walk crawl, but keep moving forward.
Chia has had an interesting life going through his whole process and now working hard to give back to others to help them in the ways he has been helped.
If you would like to learn more about his life, you can buy his book on line at: