Posted on Nov 04, 2019
The meeting was called to order by President David Kray at 12:15PM.
The invocation was by Ed Studniski.
The Greeter and Flag Pledge leader was Dale Noyed and Luke Ferden.
Dale Noyed announced the Guests and Visitors:
Dale Noyed and Lynn Scott introduced the visitors they brought
Paul Abdula, Judith Beardsley, Nate Ranghart and Past District Governor Bill Rust, White Bear Lake Rotary.
The Joke for the day was:  “What store sells only Bagels and Donuts?”   Answer:  Whole Foods  This one got a good response from the audience!
Lynn Scott, Maggie Mau
Lynn Scott passed along the Inspiration award to Maggie Mau.  Lynn was inspired by Maggie’s work with the silent auction at the taste, her commitment, her values and the fact that daily she is steady and strong.  Congratulations Maggie!!
Brad announced the Mentorship meeting at Summit Brewery in St. Paul on Wed, Nov 13th at 6:30 PM.  This meeting is for mentors and mentees.  If you are either or both, you are invited.
Maggie Mau announced that we as a club are working on Cleaning kits for Bridging  She is seeking donations of “Bonus items” which are better defined as Microfiber Cloths, sponges and rags, Mini Whisk Brooms and dustpans, Covered Plastic “shoebox containers” and garbage bags both kitchen and bath sized containers. More information on Bridging.
David Kray, Annie Meehan
David Kray introduced the speaker for the day Annie Meehan.  Annie is an enthusiastic and well prepared speaker.  She is also an author of multiple books e.g. “From good to Great”  “Be the Exception.”  She knows that we are not all brave and good looking so she suggested that we take a photo of ourselves looking up at our face from out chest.  That photos sets a low expectation of being beautiful and then we can improve from there!  It is important to “Care about yourself.”  This includes your Emotional, Physical, Mental, Relationship, Financial and Spiritual health.  Pick the one you want to improve and work on it daily in small steps.  Do this for about 30 days and you will see a change.  If you need help with this or need someone to hold you accountable to this process, ask for help and talk about it.
Next she moved on to her acronym, “CANES” which gives her the ways you can care for yourself:
C:  Caring, Curious, Charged, Committed, Consistent
A: Attitude, Action, Ask, Accountability
N: Nutrition  (What you eat and when you eat it)
E:  Energy, Exercise, Energize
S:  Sleep, Stress (acknowledge and release), Supplement (Multivitamin, Fish Oil, Probiotics)
You have the power to make all these choices.  So…Be a Pineapple, Stand up straight, Wear a crown and be sweet inside.
Thank you, Annie, for your spirit and enthusiasm as well as your information.