Foundation Banquet is this weekend.  If you are registered look for an e-mail from the district office/Kathy.
Loren Swanson opened the meeting today with a slide show of his recent adventures in Africa.
President Brad Kirscher called the meeting to order. Greeter Lynne Megan led the flag pledge. Jenny Hedal introduced visitors and guests. Ted Johnson offered the Invocation.
Brad Kirscher, Joe Stahlmann
Our Speaker today as introduced by Brad Kirscher was Joe Stahlmann of MOCA who supervised the Restoration Project of the Minnesota State Capitol.
Joe is President-elect for North St Paul/Maplewood/Oakdale Rotary Club.
The 1st State Capitol building was built in 1858. The second was built in 1883 after the first burned down Both were on 10th and Cedar in St. Paul.
For the third and present Capitol building Cass Gilbert was selected as the architect.  Cass Gilbert also designed the US Supreme court, The Woolworth building in Lower Manhattan, in addition to the MN State Capitol.
It took $4.5 mil 9 years to complete the current Capitol.  It opened in 1905.
The foundation is built in St. Cloud Granite.  The white above the foundation is white marble from Georgia.  It was reported to be the 2nd largest self-supporting marble dome of 4 in existence.  Others are the Rhode Island St. Capitol, the Taj Mahal and St. Peters Basilica.
Most domes are supported by Iron, ours is not!
This restoration began in 2012 and will continue into 2017
The cost will be $309Mil.
The Marble is cracking and sugaring after only 110 years.
To get matching marble they opened a Marble mine in Georgia to get stone to match.
Every stone in the State Capitol was numbered and evaluated.  Many were worked on such as buffed, resurfaced and some were replaced with newly created stones.
The Gold Horses have been renovated and are going back up
The entire Capitol building is being re-plumbed
Communication and electrical wires were open to public and thus open to vandalism
This is being restored back to Cass Gilbert’s plan which means walls come out that had been put in after the creation of the original construction.
Safety was improved by adding rest rooms on all floors and adding stair cases from all floors to the ground.
The basement floor dug up to get to and repair/replace the internal systems.
Scaffolding was erected to get workers to all areas of the building inside and out.
All the glass was re-leaded.
The plaster redone as needed.
Artwork has been reworked by a team of artists, some done in place and some removed restored and replaced.
Much of the capitol areas that have been restricted have been opened to public spaces again.
JE Dunn is the General Contractor; they are working on the Oklahoma State Capital next.
MOCA is working on the state capitol buildings in Utah, Wyoming as well as Minnesota.  MOCA has 65 employees total with 1 in MN.  Joe reports to the Architect in charge of the Utah Capitol project.
HG Architects laser scanned the building and compared the new drawings to the originals.  The differences between the original measurements and the ones they found were miniscule.  This is an indication of its structural integrity.
Jan 3rd 2017 is the Grand Opening of this new renovation project.
Thank you, Joe, for a very informative presentation and all your work on our state project.
Respectfully Submitted,
Loren Swanson