Rotary Notes 11/21/16
President Brad Kirscher called the meeting to order at 12:30.  The greeter, Mary Sommerfeld, led the flag pledge and four way test.  Ed Studinski provided the invocation then Joan Kallenberg introduced several visitors and guests in attendance.
  • Margie Horning from Stillwater Sunrise.  Margie is the Chair of the District Grants Subcommittee and presented a $1,855 check from the Rotary Foundation toward the midway toddler play equipment.
  • Frank Mabley from Arden Hills / Shoreview
Guests of Members
  • Richard Rosense, Bob Rosene’s son from Colorado
  • Barb Einan, Dick Einan’s wife
  • Gary and Margie Nash, long-time friends of Dick and Barb Einan
  • Robert Nygaard, Deb Nygaard’s son
  • Karl Bakke, friend of Bob Burmeister
Other Guests
Daphine Dormans, Rotary Youth Exchange student from Belgium.  Daphine is attending Roseville High School and said high school is just like the movies.  Daphine is in the cheerleading program and hopes to attend more Rotary meetings if she has a ride.  She thanked the club for the opportunity to travel to Roseville.
Following introductions there were several announcements:
  • President-elect Jeff Norton announced that he accepted a position with another company and as a result will be leaving the Roseville Rotary Club.  His last meeting will be November 28.  Jeff will certainly be missed.
  • Tedd Johnson talked briefly about his 10 day trip to Uganda and how Rotarians there are planning to start the first Rotaract club located in a village.
  • Brad Kirscher announced that we received thank you notes from three students who attended Camp Enterprise.  The notes will be available for viewing next meeting.
Following announcements, Dr. Aldo Sicoli was inaugurated as a new member of the Roseville Rotary Club.  Dr. Sicoli is the Superintendent of the Roseville Area Schools and was sponsored by Jan Vanderwall.  Welcome to the club Aldo!
Today’s speaker was Alex Huffman who talked about his journey to become a Green Beret (United States Army Special Forces), where he served from 2008-2016.  After going through basic training and airborne school, Huffman endured a grueling month long course before the Green Beret selection process even started.  The selection process is two weeks – one week of individual events and one week of team events.  The individual events included two long runs, a 12 mile ruck march and a star course (land navigation).  The team events included moving sand bags and long distance log carries.  Huffman indicated that ½ of the individuals quit during the selection process and 40% were selected….including him! 
After Mr. Huffman was selected to be in the Special Forces, he attended SERE (survival, evasion, resistance and escape) school and then Phase 2 – small unit tactics.  About 20-30% of the individuals withdraw during the Phase 2 process.  After this, Mr. Huffman attended language school for six months studying Farsi so he could be located in Colorado upon completion.  To move on in the process, Mr. Huffman had to be fluent in Farsi and completed a 30 minute oral proficiency interview with someone fluent in the language.  If you fail the test, you are done. 
Upon completion of language school, Mr. Huffman studied communications to become a Special Forces Communications Sergeant (Echo), learning how to operate every kind of communications gear from encrypted satellite communications to old-style high-frequency Morse key systems.  The final test was spending two weeks training a fake foreign militia.
After this grueling training, Mr. Huffman became a Green Beret and traveled to many countries carrying out duties and training foreign soldiers.  During the process he learned that he can do anything he puts his mind to and is a better person because of it.  Mr. Huffman, thank you for your service!