Roseville Rotarians gathered for our regular Monday meeting and were greeted warmly by Julie Wearn.    President, Brad Kirchner called the meeting to order and Julie lead the flag pledge, Dick Einan was our Invocation leader.    Our many visitors and guests were introduced by Jenny Hedal.  
Terry Gilberstadt, Jenny Hedal, Brad Kirscher
  • We welcomed Jenny Hedal into membership today.  She is from the North Star Council of the Boy Scouts.
  • Deb Nygaard gave us a minute for membership.  Please forward the interesting program invitations sent out weekly to others interested to hear a great speaker and look at Rotary Membership.  Next week will be Terry Lee discussing “Business Fits” as a way of career planning.
  • Jan Vanderwall gave us a super overview of the Rotary Foundation which is 100 this year.  Be sure to come to our District Celebration on Saturday, November 12, 2016. Click Here for Registration
Robert Veninga, Brad Kirscher
Our speaker today was Robert Veninga, on the topic of “Resilience”.  I found his talk to be fascinating and very informative.  In all stages of life we could all use some Resilience.  Here’s what Dr. Veninga’s research tells us:
There are 4 components to resiliency:
  1. Attachment – trusted relationships
  2. Mastering – being capable and admired
  3. Survival – not trapped – find a way out.
  4. Spirituality – higher power and gratitude.
In organizations resiliency is built in by the middle management – not the top.  That statement resonated with me and I think it affects the performance of organizations.  Those leaders that inspire others are building in a lot more resilience and longevity into their organizations.
His other 5 mantras were:
  1. All productivity begins with rest
  2. Stop the wining!
  3. Thank You (gratitude and praise)
  4. Travel lightly – have humor and observe
  5. Go to the next party – follow your dreams.
Thank you for a great talk and I know all the Rotarians and guests really were inspired and reminded of some great principals to live by!