Monday was another wonderful Minnesota October day, warm with trees still covered with colored leaves that seemed like they did not want to let go.  Jeff Norton’s greeting matched the pleasant day.  President Terry Carlson opened the meeting with a hardy stroke to the bell.  Jeff led the flag pledge with enthusiasm and Deb Nygaard gave an invocation titled “When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking”. Very  appropriate.
Terry introduced a new word – “Destickering”.  And used it to announce (desticker) removal of the red “new member” stickers from the name badges of Pat Trudgeon and Shannon Kinstler. Lynne Megan introduced two visiting Rotarians, Claudia Nicholson and Anita Jader, North St. Paul/Maplewood/Oakdale Rotary,  who were not promoting anything and two visitors who were.  Guest Jean Weiss of Technovation, a program that teaches young women computer skills, is seeking mentors.   Claudia Nicholson announced that the Boy Scout Museum would be honoring Bob Rosene and Roland Wilsey on November 14th at the Founders Hall event. For more information or tickets contact  .“Happy Dollars” rounded out the meeting.

Ted Johnson and Shannon Kinstler
•     The Rotary Foundation Celebration will be at the Holiday Inn East November 7.Contact Kathy Hughitt for reservations, or 651-636-9054.
•     Rain Garden fall clean-up is tomorrow, October 27. (Editor’s Note: Clean-up went quickly.  The cuttings were put into the compost and tools put away before dark.)
•     Board Meeting: Tuesday morning, November 17th, at the Rotary office, all are welcome.
Rain Garden Cleanup
Volunteers Kim and Jan Vanderwall and Jim Foley

Terry Carlson, Aldo Sicoli
Dr. Aldo Sicoli, the new Roseville Area Schools Superintendent as of August 1, told us about the Roseville Schools, his plans and hopes for the future and that he is a hometown boy and very happy to return to Roseville.
He said he prefers not to use the formal title of “Doctor” rather the less formal title of “Mister” or just “Aldo”.  He graduated from Alexander Ramsey High School after moving to Roseville in the seventh grade by way of St. Paul and Chicago and is delighted to be back.  After high school and college he progressed through teaching – coaching – assistant principal – principal - assistant superintendent – superintendent with various graduate school programs along the way.
Aldo Sicoli received his doctorate from the University of Minnesota.  Before taking the Roseville position he was superintendent of Robbinsdale Schools on the west side of Minneapolis.
Superintendent Sicoli said he sought out the Roseville Area School position because it is a great school district with respect for the students, strong learning strategies, and support from the community.  He punctuated this statement by thanking Rotary for the financial backing and encouragement to start the SPARK program at Central Park Elementary.
He is starting a strategic planning process looking ahead to pre-school for children with special needs as well as main stream students, building use and operating improvement, and administrative and teacher  turnover.  Currently the school system has 7,531 students, 50% of color, 50% receive lunch subsidy, and 59 first languages other than English.
Welcome home Aldo!