Posted on Oct 08, 2018
The meeting was called to order by President Terry Gilberstadt
The greeter and Flag Pledge leader was Mary Nienaber
The invocation was by Ed Studniski
Joan Kallenberg introduced no visitors or guests.
Terry Gilberstadt, Hyon Kim, Gary Campbell
PDG Gary Campbell presented a check from the District to Roseville Rotary for their share of the Sheraton Story Project.
As the scribe for the day I drew the lucky straw as there is not much writing needed!
Today is the President’s round table.
There were three topics to be discussed by Club Members to help facilitate the future directions the members wanted the club to go.  The leaders of the three groups were:
Deb Nygaard:  Membership Retention
Julie Wearn:   Next Big Idea
Brad Kirscher: Hands on Service
The group leaders kept track of the ideas on large pads on easels so the Board could use this input to guide the club into the next year more of direction.  Members were issued tickets for their original ideas.  The tickets were put in a hat and drawn out at random and those drawn got a prize for their efforts.
That being accomplished the meeting was adjourned.