This Monday's meeting was held in the Rosebrook room of the Roseville Radisson.  Jan Vanderwall was the greeter, or better, called the guide.  The meeting room is near the pool and Jan was at the front door giving directions.  Jeff Norton, President-elect, presided over the meeting, sang a love song for the invocation and Lynne Megan introduced two visiting Rotarians and one guest.  "Happy Dollars" got off to a slow start but ended with a flourish.  This is a fun way to raise money for Polio +.
Taste-of-Rosefest kick off is September 25, 5:00PM to 7:00PM, in Horton Hanger at the Saint Paul airport.  Dave Gilberstadt will be at the gate with directions.  Arrive before 5:15, Dave does not want to miss the party so he will only stay a short time.
Rotation Day is October 3.  Host are needed. Contact Terry Carlson,
Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly picnic is Wednesday September 14. 
Ethan Aronson, Jeff Norton
Ethan Aronson from TreeHouse told us about TreeHouse Partner Network.
His "Take Home Message" for us was "...tell people about Tree House, spread the word."
TreeHouse is a non-profit organization with the mission of "Transformation" - helping youth suffering from abuse, bullying, and poverty and do not know how to cope..  It was founded 31 years ago, financed by private donations, with no sponsoring agencies.  They have nine locations throughout the Twin Cities and seven partners.  Their staff of 50 + engage teens in 7-12 grades using a proven model and expertise which includes support groups, mentoring, etc.  They are Christian Faith based but accept people of all faiths and/or no faith with no pressure to accept any particular tradition.  The vision of TreeHouse is to reach every at-risk teen so they are loved, feel hope and realize life transformation