Roseville Rotarians gathered for our regular Monday meeting and were greeted by Deb Nygaard.    President,  Brad Kirscher called the meeting to order and Deb lead the pledge.   Ted Johnson was our Invocation leader and reminded us of all the great Minnesota blessings we have.    Visitors and guests were introduced by Luke Ferden.  Special welcome to future new members, Nyonbeor Boule and Jenny Hedal.
  • Sunday – September 25, from 5:00-7:00 come celebrate 10 years of the Taste of Rosefest at the Horton Hanger.  Taste 2016 Committee will meet from 4:00- 5:00 before the event.    RSVP to Kathy by Wed., Sept. 21.  Invitation and directions are attached.  Check the MN DOT website for Hwy. 52 Bridge weekend closures and follow detours through downtown St. Paul!
  • October 3, Rotation Day – be sure to sign up on the circulated sheets or with Kathy.
  • Hyon Kim invited us to  the “Freedom for North Korean Refugees of Minnesota” Seminar – Thursday, October 27, 2016, Humphrey School.  Contact
  • Prayers and good thoughts for Roland Wilsey at Wealshire Bloomington Care Center.
  • No meeting October 10 – Happy Columbus Day!
Welcome to our newest member, Stephan Johnson.  His sponsor is Hyon Kim.
Brad Kirscher, Patrick Donohue
Our speaker today was introduced by Jeff NortonPatrick Donohue has had an active life giving back to the community and is a Rotary #9 member.  His passion is supporting the needs of emerging and expanding businesses through the Hill Capital Corporation which is an interested private philanthropic fund  to provide capital to small businesses that are beyond  small funding from friends / relatives and those companies which can attract large Angel Investor Grants. 
Pat gave a fascinating look into JJ Hill’s philosophy of supporting towns and farmers along his Great Northern Route so these communities could thrive and grow (and, of course stay customers for his transportation system).  The legacy this philosophy created is really interesting.  James J Hill also funded a very elaborate and extensive business research library that has gone more digital of late.
 Hill’s farming and agricultural programs were very insightful.  He encouraged diversity of crops and introduced cattle that he personally provided to farmers.  His North Oaks Farm was originally an experimental cattle farm. 
In his spirit of entrepreneurism, the Hill Capital Corporation provides loans to growing businesses.  The corporation is open to outside investors.
Thank you for an interesting presentation and for further information check out    .