Roseville Rotary
Club News for Monday, September 21, 2015
Roseville Rotarians gathered for our regular Monday meeting.    President,  Terry Carlson called the meeting to order and  lead the pledge,  Ted Johnson was our Invocation leader.    Visitors and guests were introduced by Jeff Norton.  
  • Lots and lots of happy dollars!!
  • Tuesday – September 22, the Beach Club Steak Fry is being hosted by Dale and Nancy Noyed.
  • October 3, Stillwater One Summit for Rotary Leadership and Club Growth.  Contact Kathy for more information.
  • October 5, Rotation Day – Please sign up on the circulated sheets or with Kathy
  • Highway Cleanup – Saturday, October 10, in Grumpy’s parking lot at 9:00 AM.  Plan to stay for an early lunch at Grumpy’s, Greg Carlson is coordinating.
  • No meeting October 12 – Happy Columbus Day!
  • Mentors for Avid Students are needed and plan to hear from the Avid group on October 19.
Our speaker today was Magdalena Wells, Director of College  Possible.  This organization is 15 years old in the Twin Cities and was originally known as Admission Possible.   This program focuses on High School Juniors and continues to mentor them through a great program that utilizes Ameri-corps volunteers as mentors in High School.  These students have a GPA average of 2.0 and are usually the first in their families to attend college.  Many of the students are first generation immigrants.  The program came to Roseville Area HS last year and has had a great success rate whenever it has been installed in a school.  
Currently, they are in 54  high schools throughout the state and and 7 colleges with “on campus” presence.  The other colleges are served by an electronic mentoring support system staffed by employees of the organization at their headquarters in St. Paul.  The strength of students who are motivated in High School to meet with mentors twice a week after school for 2 hours a session is tremendous.  That paired with the organizations outreach help with admissions, scholarships and ongoing mentoring during the college years makes this a really winning program. 
Thank you so much for giving us the overview of your organization and all the good work it is doing our community by preparing a group of wonderful young people that would not typically have the opportunities that college give one  continue to be a success in further career and job opportunities.   Check them out at