Posted by Terry Gilberstadt on Jul 31, 2017
Terry Gilberstadt, Scott Michaelis, Liz Ostrander
Our speaker today was introduced by Terry GilberstadtScott Michaelis is the VP, General Manager of Rosedale Center. 
Scott was originally an elementary teacher who began in 1995 working for General Growth Properties in Iowa.  He continued his career in management by managing several local shopping centers then becoming head of Opus Retain Property’s national division.  Scott came to Rosedale in 2013 where the mall is now undergoing a complete interior renovation and adding an additional anchor store.
Scott began by giving us the history of Rosedale Mall.  It is, behind Mall of America the strongest of any of the “Dales” or other regional malls.  Rosedale has over 100 stores but had not been remodeled since 1992.  The new interior will be breathtaking! Also a fresh new logo is being unveiled!   With clean sight lines and great interactive signage, it will be a really fun experience.  Additionally, lots of charging stations and enlarged and upscale restrooms and lounging areas – I think it will be a real pleasure to visit the facility.  Also, the new tenant is Von Mauer, which fulfills an upscale fashion nitch.
Scott feels there will always be a need for people to gather and shop and play together.  Though online shopping is popular it is lonely so Rosedale is positioning itself to the future so people will look to the mall for entertainment and comradery of others.  With the new tech features and updated look I think Rosedale will continue to be strong into the future.
Thank you, Scott, and to Liz Ostrander, Director of Marketing for the interesting talk and the great tote bags for all our members.