7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
REEP (Rotary Educator Exchange Program)
The Rotary Clubs of Roseville and Sri Lanka are coordinating a two week exchange of educators to improve empathy and skills for teaching Roseville’s growing number of English Language Learners. Our educators will learn what it’s like to be a minority, how that impacts learning, experience new languages, values, religions, climate and foods.  The Sri Lankan educators will learn modern methods of teaching English to their students, to improve their ability to help kids function in a global world.
Jeff Norton joined Rotary in 2013, currently serves on both the Taste of Rosefest and REEP committees, is a Board member, and President-elect Nominee for Roseville Rotary. 
Music has always been Jeff’s passion.  He plays  eight different instruments and loves music from all genre’s.  He’s played in Rock and Roll cover bands for the last 15 years all around the Twin Cities, and plays solo for all types of special events.  For a preview search “Jeff and the Dixie Cat” on YouTube.