Brianna Cook -Senior Social Media Strategist for Rotary International
Bri Cook joined the Roseville, MN, Rotary Club on 11/7/22. Bri is the Senior Social Media Strategist for Rotary International and shared with our club the large role that social media plays in spreading the mission of Rotary, raising awareness, educating, and making a global reach.
Social media is a very effective tool for advancing Rotary’s fight against polio in these specific ways:
  • Raising awareness
  • Community Effort
  • Community Activism
  • Education
  • Inspiring future global health legacies
Social media is an effective tool in reaching large numbers of people quickly.
We also learned how “Influencing” helps to further Rotary’s mission. Social Media trends can be used to engage people – for example – Bri created an Instagram reel of RI President Jennifer Jones, which had nearly 200,000 views/shares. They also used some influencing strategies for World Polio Day, which were very successful (World Polio Day teasers, user-generated content, survivor stories, virtual coffee date with Jennifer Jones) They also used TikTok, Instagram, and celebrity influencers to advance Rotary’s messaging.
In doing social media on the club level – here are some tips:
- Use the hashtag #PeopleofAction
- Show, not tell! Make sure your pics are action-oriented, not posing smiling photos
- Have 1 – 2-point people in your club posting
- Posts – quality over quantity
- Send projects you want to be featured on the RI page to – don’t have outdated Rotary branding in pics – no branding is fine!
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