Posted by Loren Swanson on Oct 16, 2017

Julie Wearn, Christa Tiefenbacher-Hudson



Terry Gilberstadt introduced our speaker Christa Tiefenbacher-Hudson who is a native of Germany and here to talk about the status of what is happening in Germany.

Germany, Europe and the Trans Atlantic Partnership is her topic of the day.   Christian Democratic Union, CDU, and Christian Social Union, CSU, are now part of the landscape.  SPD, Social Democratic Party, is a loser and the winner is the Alternative for Germany (AFD), which is a right-wing to far-right political party which will be represented in the parliament with 13% of the seats for the first time. FDP, Free Democratic Party, also won voters from the CDU.  The green party is still a factor and the Linca or communist party is the smallest element in the political foray.


Limits on Immigration is a big factor in the election.  Merkel is still the leader but with more challenges due to the fractures of the voting public.  She is the champion of Continuity and Security.


The effects of the Eurozone are on hold until the new German Government is assembled.


Refugee issues will move further to the right because of the elections.


Ties between Germany and the USA has been challenged even though it does seem to have resiliency.  Merkel and Trump have had challenges personality wise as well as policy wise.


Recently the Social Democratic Party who normally represents the working class has taken many hits recently in German elections.


The political situation in Germany is a demagogue dream with the emotional appeal having more effect than rational beliefs and understanding.