David McNally, David Kray
Don Salverda introduced David McNally, CEO of Transform Corporation, author, and business speaker who is focused on developing purposeful leaders, inspired organizations, and iconic brands. 
Laced with examples from his own life, David talked about how every individual inevitably makes a mark as they go through life. Some leave a small and quiet traces, others a large expansive boom. But in the end,  the mark you make is up to you.
First, you need to accept that you are the author of your own life. You must define the purpose of your life for yourself. And once you adopt this understanding you can begin to experience the life you imagine.
David’s premise is that you cannot make a meaningful impact on your life and the lives of others until you take full responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. No person or circumstance should be allowed to write your story for you. The feelings of success, happiness, and fulfillment that we have may only originate from within ourselves. Not from others.
“Leaving your mark is not a goal to be set—it is a result,” says David, “It is the outcome of realizing the enormous potential that exists within you, the belief that there is a special purpose for your existence, the awareness that you share the responsibility for what happens in our world and the commitment to fully use your gifts and talents to live a rich and rewarding life.”
Or, as George Eliot put it, “It is never too late to be who you might have been.”