Dr. Aldo Sicoli
Presentation YouTube Video Link: https://youtu.be/ghaN2c3BRmY 
Jenny Hedal introduced the speaker for the day, the Superintendent of Roseville Schools, Dr. Aldo Sicoli. 
Aldo’s reporting covered two basic topics,
1.  Roseville’s response to COVID-19
2.  The progress with the building program from the recent levy.
Due to the COVID-19, they have initiated distance learning, in school learning, blended learning programs all in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.
There are two break points they pay particular attention to: Covid infections of 30/10,000 which bring a few restrictions and Covid infections of 50/10,000 which requires remote learning only.  Within these programs and the limitations there are a whole array of options available to students and teachers.
Simultaneously with this change in the learning programs are Child Care being provided, Meals being prepared and delivered and special ed considerations.
Regarding the construction progress, it is well underway with most of the project being completed or nearly completed.  Most of the remaining work is on the Fairview location where
it turned out to be more expensive to repair the facility than to build it all from scratch.  Thus, they are building from scratch and that will likely be completed next year some time.
After this Aldo answered an array of questions.
Next week the presentation will be by District Governor Ed Marek and will be Virtual Only.