Join us on Monday, March 13th, our speaker Jeff Zaugg will be speaking on Engaging Younger Generations through Community Empowerment.


Jeff Zaugg, Pastor of the Northtown Campus of Substance Church

“We believe we do things a bit differently here. On the surface we look like a typical church that preaches the Bible, but at Substance, we’re also not afraid to do things differently. Our beliefs may be similar to many churches you’ve found, but it is our hope that we push the limits of your expectations and drive our members deeper into community.”


Our journey began in 2004 when Pastors Peter and Carolyn Haas planted Substance Church. Since starting in 2004, we’ve grown to multiple campuses and we truly believe in the power of community. To hear more of our history, our vision, and meet our staff, join us at our Empowerment Track! We offer multiple services throughout the weekend… it is our hope that, “Church doesn’t start until the service is over… so join a Ministry Team and find a Subgroup this week!”