Posted on Oct 07, 2019
Mike Gregory, David Kray
Kray introduced the speaker for the meeting, Mike Gregory.  Gregory is a Roseville resident and conflict resolution professional.  His presentation revolved around the Collaboration Effect, an area of neuroscience, which helps people get peaceful resolutions to conflicts. 
In summary, the Collaboration Effect is about enhancing relationships, resources and revenues.  The result is increased productivity and reduced stress.  The steps that lead to negotiating closure are connecting relationships (emotions, priorities and impacts), listening actively (developing trust) and educating judiciously (informing, not persuading).  Gregory gave an example of how this strategy helped one of his clients resolve a dispute with the IRS.
Gregory explained that a lot of neuroscience research has been done to back this strategy.  When someone is angry, the amygdala floods the brain and it can last up to 22 hours or one sleep cycle.  However, the prefrontal cortex can override the amygdala.  We have neuroplasticity, or the ability to change.  Overall it was a very interesting discussion and gave everyone in attendance another method to use when resolving conflicts.