JOIN US! Monday November 6th as we celebrate
"Veterans of all Wars" with our speaker Gary Nash.
Invitation and Introduction of Gary Nash by Dick Einan.

Well. first of all, Gary and I have know each other for a long time.  In 1955 he was on a City of Minneapolis championship park board football team where he was an offensive and defensive end and I was the quarterback.  After that we were classmates at Minneapolis Southwest High School, graduating in 1958, and have remained friends since that time. 

After graduation from the U of M Gary went to Quantico for Officer Candidate School.  After commissioning and a 6 month Basic School for all officers he was an infantry officer at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina.  Then, after Army Special Warfare School at Ft. Bragg, NC, he went to Vietnam.  Ater that he served at Camp Pedelton, CA before leaving active duty. 

From 1985-1991 he competed in 70 triathlons  ranging from sprint distance to the Hawaiian Ironman competiton.  Seven back surgeries put a stop to triatholons and his work selling  nutritional products.   

He moved to California to Minnesota 12 years ago to marry our classmate, Margie Anderson Noble.  He just a month ago or so celebrated his 75th birthday by going to the "Gym" and lifting 75,000 pounds in a variety of leg, arm and body exercises.  Yes, he is fit as a fiddle!  

Gary currently lives in Chanhassen with Margie.