Posted by Loren Swanson on Dec 11, 2017
Roger Barr, Julie Wearn
Terry Gilberstadt introduced the speaker for the day:  a local Author Roger Barr.  He has written 9 novels and will be talking about his story, “Getting ready for Christmas” 
Roger has been a librarian, author, free lance writer and member of a mayoral cabinet.  He as now written 20 episodes that have been published in the Villager.  To the best of his knowledge this is the only fiction that has been published in the Villager. 
He has focused on a nativity scene and used that to dig into, among other things, spiritual, personal, family, legal, law enforcement, racial political, poverty, food shelves and social struggles.
The book he brought with him to sell for a small donation out contains 13 of the 20 stories focused on Christmas.  Next he talked about the mental and physical process that he goes through in beginning with merely an idea and working his way to the complete project. 
The price of the book is $20 and of that $20 goes directly to the food shelf.