Rotary Notes:  12 14 2015
The meeting was called to order at 12:30 by President Terry Carlson
Invocation Ted Johnson revolved around a Centering Exercise
Intro of Visitors and Guests by Jeff Norton
Guests of Terry Carlson included Renee  and Karen Baumgaertner 
John Roswick  Potential New Member
Roland Wilsey introduced his son Greg Wilsey
Happy Dollars………among those happy people are:
Mary Jo McGuire and Susan Nemitz who are headed to the White House to work  on a library card project.  They are hoping to see President Obama while there, but there are no guarantees.
Board Meeting tomorrow at 7:30AM at the usual place.
Terry Carlson , Karen Baumgaertner
Terry Carlson introduced the speaker of the day, Karen Baumgaertner.
Karen Baumgaertner is a Representative of MINN (Minnesota International NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Network) For her day job she works at Land O’Lakes in the International division  (LOL is the second largest Coop in the country), is their website.  There are hundreds of NGOs in MN, with about 2000 people are involved in this organization.
MINNspire, part of MINN, is looking for experienced people to work with them. (Act 3 of their lives!)
There will be a seminar at St. Catherine’s in Highland Park meeting on a monthly basis for four months for those interested in working with NGOs:
Topics include “Planting the Seeds”  “Choosing your opportunity” “I’m here, now what?”  and  “Home Again”
There will be a minimum 12 and a Max 30 people to conduct the class. Cost for the Class is up to $100. per person for all four sessions.
If you are interested in learning more please go to their website, .
Respectfully submitted,
Loren Swanson