Roseville Rotary
Club News for Monday, Feb. 22, 2021
Roseville Rotarians gathered for our Monday Zoom Meeting.   President Deb called the meeting to order and lead the flag pledge.   Our Invocation today was done by Hyon Kim who reminded us to appreciate the good life and keep attuned to all the wonderful things God has to offer.
  Charter History Moment. 
1982-1983 passing of the baton Glen Schwartz to Harley Otto.  Both great Roseville Rotary leaders.
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  • Lots of Happy Dollars from all around the country!!
Today’s speaker is Lindsay Kerr from LifeLine Pilots – “the shortest distance between home and hope” is their motto.
Since 1981 the organization has been coordinating volunteer pilots to help those in need of medical help to get to their destination.  They are the oldest continually run volunteer organization of this kind in the US.  They are based in Peoria, Il, and serve 10 states of the upper Midwest primarily.  There record is impressive, over 5.2 million miles flown safely.  Patients must be able to get into a small plane and can take along a care giver. Kids can bring 2 care givers.  She told us wonderful stories of patients who were able to get critical care due to the marvelous program.  Flights are 100% free and the organization is run on donation and over $800,000.00 in in kind donations.
To support the organization help spread the word about the great service.  Over 3 million people do not get the care they need due to lack of transportation, especially those in small distant towns.
Thank you for a real day brightener of a talk!!