President Deb Nygaard called a meeting to order at 12:05 PM.
Julie Wearn gave the invocation concerning trust and about our responsibility to work together for collective goals rather than individual goals.
We had one guest, Joe Stahlmann, North St. Paul/Maplewood/Oakdale Rotary Club. 
Jan Vanderwall gave us a short presentation regarding the Rotary foundation and the February campaign they are calling Share the Love, focused around Valentine’s Day and Rotary's 108th Anniversary on Feb 23rd. 
Club Year: 1988 - 1989
President: Lloyd Nielsen
Vice President: Donald Severson
Secretary: Lorraine Baker (Jingle's Mother)
Treasurer: Bruce Weber
Dick Lambert
Robert Mundt
Paul Bredow
Bob Burmeister * current member
Herb Tousley
Immediate Past President: Larry Brodle
Lloyd Nielsen
Happy Dollars 
  • Mary Jo gave a promo about the book club which is looking for new members. 
  • Ted Johnson spoke about his surprise proposal
  • Julie Wearn talked about the end of the 2021 St Paul Winter Carnival and all the cars lined up to donate. Showing our concern for others.
  • Brad was happy to be 45 and going strong and recognized he is delight with the Tampa Bay buccaneers winning the Super Bowl.
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Jenny introduced our speaker for the day, Derek Sharrer, executive vice president and manager of the Saint Paul Saints, Derek Sharrer. 
Derek was one of those young baseball players who loved the game and recognized the limitations of his skills which would prevent him from ever playing baseball to earn a living. Thus, he started working in baseball management. During his career he has worked in Charleston South Carolina, the Hudson Valley, Fort Myers Florida, and now in St. Paul with the St. Paul saints. He has been working with the Saints for the past 17 years he began in their first season in 1993.
The new thing he was talking with us about was the fact that the St. Paul Saints are now partnering with the Minnesota twins and he sees this as a huge opportunity. The major league teams draft players from the minor-league teams and with this partnering the St. Paul saints have been able to significantly improve their facilities and it helps make them much more competitive in the minor leagues because of the improvement in the conditions for the players playing in the minor leagues. Derek explained the multiple levels of the minor leagues, the travel of the minor leagues the facilities in which they work and the necessity of the minor leagues to support the major leagues.  The number of minor-league teams has been shrinking and to help keep things working smoothly they have reduced the number of levels at which the minor-league teams play. The St. Paul Saints are an independent club rather than being part of a minor-league coalition and in order to complete this partnering project they have now been brought into the fold of the minor-league organization.
Derek has been working with people like Mike Veeck and Jim Pohlad add to accomplish this.  He is delighted to have the CHS field on which to play and a field that meets all of the AAA standards. This field has also become an alternate training site for the Minnesota twins. Because of this partnering, the Saint Paul Saints will be playing significantly more games and there will be a greater access to the interchangeability of players between the St. Paul Saints and the Minnesota twins.
Respectfully submitted,
Loren Swanson