Minutes for Roseville Rotary Monday, November 9, 2015
We were greeted by Al Gerdin then filled our plates with salad, rice, and chicken in a white sauce and chose a place to sit.  Our tables were each decorated with a bright colored placard about the Teacher Exchange program between Sri Lanka and Roseville Area Schools.
Ted Johnson explained that three Roseville teachers and a Rotarian would travel to Sri Lanka for two weeks and a group from Sri Lanka would visit Roseville.  These initial information gathering visits are sponsored by Roseville Rotary with partnering clubs.  Hopefully this will be the beginning of an ongoing educational initiative.  This project does not fit within the Rotary International guidelines so there is no District or Foundation funding available.
The meeting was called to order by President Terry CarlsonAl Gerdin led the flag pledge and Terry led recital of the four-way pledge.  Ed Studniski gave the invocation after a reading a passage from the book On Leadership titled “The Toughest Person to Lead Is Yourself”.  Ted Johnson introduced visiting Rotarian Jim Hunt, of the White Bear club, and District Governor-elect.  Ted also introduced two guests, both of whom are perspective members of Roseville Rotary.
  • Clean water project for four schools in Nigeria sponsored by White Bear Rotary was described by Jim Hunt.
  •  SPARK program at Central Park Elementary, sponsored by Roseville Rotary last year, was impetus for the Roseville Area School District naming Central Park as a “choice” school for students interested in science and technology.
  • Mary Jo McGuire was presented a “Sponsorship” pin for bringing in a new member.
  • Greg Carlson was presented a Paul Harris Fellow award.
  • The Foundation Event last Saturday was a great success.
  • No Board meeting next week.
Ed Studniski, Greg Carlson 
Jan Vanderwall, Hyon Kim, MaryJo McGuire
Brad Kirscher, Helen Lindsay
Helen Lindsay, author of, Written on the Knee, spoke about her book and the political situation in Greece.  The book is about her father’s involvement in World War II.  Basis of the writing is the collection of love letters saved by her mother who was then a new bride much missed by her husband.  The Greek-Italian conflict was in early WW II and located in the remote mountain area of the Greek-Albanian border.  The Greek army turned away the Italian army much to the dismay of Mussolini and his ally Hitler.  Hitler’s army was headed for Russia, but turned south to help the Italians.  This delayed the Russian attack by five weeks into the cold winter which the German army was not equipped to handle thus leading to the change of the direction in WW II.
The author was raised and educated in Greece and owns property in Greece today.  She said the country is a political and economic mess.  And a literal mess with all the trash being left behind by the refugees from Syria as they come ashore and pass through this small country on their way to Europe.  Helen Lindsay said the Greek culture, which is thousands of years old, is being destroyed.  Communism is rising but membership in the European Union is holding it back from taking control.  Ms. Lindsay said she is writing and e-mailing members of congress stating that the United States can and should help.