An invitation to join the Rotary Leadership Book Club
From Allen L. Gerdin
Prior to joining the Rotary Leadership Book in early 2015, I did a very moderate amount of reading.  During my daughter’s early childhood I encourage her to do a lot of reading. Telling her that reading was one of the bases of accumulating a lot knowledge.  To my regret, reading was not a practice in our home when I was a child.
Since joining the Leadership Book Club, where we read a book a month on leadership, I now average approximately four book read each month, with a few of the books 1,000 pages plus.  No, the Book Club books are not that large.  Most of them three hundred pages of less.  Reading has become a pleasure looked forward to each day.  The only activity that has suffered is the wasted time watching TV shows.
During the meeting we discuss what lessons we each have learned from the book that will be beneficial to us individually, and how we can incorporate these ideas into our lives.  Each person may have a different view of what the author is attempting to present.  Discussing the various view broadens the view for each member. 
Whether you are aspiring to, are, or have been in a leadership position this is a place to learn the many aspects of leadership.  Perhaps not so much from each of us who are now members, but from the great authors of the books we read.  At my advance age I may never hold another corporate leadership role; however, my hope is that I can continue to impart a few small bits of leadership ideas and thoughts to those much younger than I.  Also, my hope is that many members, young and old, of our great Roseville Rotary Club would consider becoming a member of the Roseville Rotary Leadership Book Club. 
Our Club meets the second Monday of each month from 10:00AM – 11:30AM.  During the Covid19 crisis we meet via Zoom.  For more information contact Don Salverda at 651-484-1335