Posted by Terry Gilberstadt on Sep 09, 2019
Kit Welchlin, David Kray
Our speaker today was introduced by Don Salverda.  Today’s topic was a terrific one- Becoming the Type of Leader People Want to Follow and was dynamically presented by Kit Welchlin.  Kit started presenting to audiences early in life through 4-H and FFA.  His “down home” style and demonstrations used great humor.  The dilemma of the short time we all have to make a good impression was brought home with greatly acted examples. I think part of the fun was we all saw ourselves at times.
My greatest take away was his 6 items you must always do to sustain your Personal Credibility.
  • Appear Warm and Friendly
  • Express Intentions and Motives
  • Demonstrate Trustworthiness
  • Be an Information Source
  • Develop Relevant Expertise
  • Project Dynamism
He is a sought-after speaker and I see why.  His body language tips were helpful too.
So, I suggest we all read his book and remind ourselves about how important it is to see how others view you.  Leadership is a lot how we are perceived and being educated to present ourselves in the most positive light is very important.
Click the following link to hear Kit's presentation at Roseville Rotary Club.